Bosch Ovens

Bosch ovens use only the highest stainless steel and glass which deliver a timeless, elegant and stylish finish to any kitchen with sleek, co-ordinated lines and matching panels.
The Bosch ovens come are classed under 3 different range of models

Premium range – Serie 8
With impressive technology and design coupled with crystal clear TFT touch display the range of Serie 8 Bosch ovens meet every need you have in the kitchen. Innovative control wheel provides both convenience and functionality with full control over your dishes at all times.

Essential range – Serie 6
With the essential range of Bosch ovens simple elegance meets superior technology. The Serie 6 ovens provide far more than just convenient operation and maximum energy efficiency as modern functionality mean the ovens are easy to use through a variety of programmes.

Practical range – Serie 4
Modern in design with the standard of engineering and practicality you’d come to expect from any Bosch oven, The Serie 4 range are compact ovens that look stunning both inside and out with technology that makes cooking for you and your family easier than ever before.