Bosch Washing Machines

The new Bosch range of washing machines have all been built with advanced technology meaning you are now able to save more water, energy and time than ever before. Designed with clever new technology across the entire range means getting cleaner results is now easier than ever before.

Due to the care and attention in building appliances which are as effective and convenient as possible the Bosch washing machines can now wash double the amount of laundry per load (4kg) than standard washers which have a maximum of 2.5kg.

Further advantages in the range of Bosch washing machines are:

Sensor drying
Advanced sensor drying means you can programme a wash and dry in one go, plus, the programme automatically turns off after use once the sensors detect all laundry is dry so you’ll not only save energy however also minimise the risk of your damage through the overheating of your chosen appliance.

Flexi Time
The flexi time button reduces wash time by up to 30% ideal for a short wash or if you have the most lightly solid items contained in your load. This function offers no compromise on performance and allows for the double press which will further increase wash time.

Reduced Ironing Function
Both the Bosch washing machines and washer dryers come with the reduced ironing function which delivers the gentlest tumble during the spin cycle. This allows for your clothes to come out less creased meaning an easier ironing experience – ideal for big families with larger than usual loads.

Hand Wash Option
The woollen hand wash built in programme is so gentle that even the most delicate laundry, maybe only ever hand washed previously, can now be ran through the cycle with total piece of mind. The Bosch washing machines has a soft wash option with reduced spin so delicate items will keep their shape.