Who are Kitchen Finesse?

Kitchen Finesse was born in 2007 out of a set of circumstances beyond the control of its two owners Martin and Paul.

Both happily employed by a local kitchen company in Inverness until made redundant, we found ourselves in the position of either seeking employment with one of the DIY kitchen retail outlets designing and selling kitchens that were and still are, poor quality and over priced for what they are or starting our own company selling products that truly are exceptional value for money.

We decided to take the plunge and start our own kitchen company, sourcing high quality rigid built kitchens that still allowed us to compete with the DIY kitchen outlets. We are not only proud of the quality of products that we offer, but delighted to be working alongside companies with household names such as Mereway kitchens, Schuller kitchens and Siemens appliances to name a few, all of whom without exception have a fantastic product, great work ethic and after sales back up. This makes it easy for us to pass exceptional customer services onto our clients, born out by the comments in our portfolio section on our home page.

Based in the small town of Alness in the Highlands of Scotland, we decided that a web site was an essential part of our business model; after all we had top quality companies that offered the facility to deliver to any address on the UK mainland, so it seemed foolish not to take advantage of that?

It pleases us to say that the on-line side of our business has been instrumental in our development and growth in strength as a company in what has become very difficult times in the last 5 years (written in May 2012).

We are not saying that we never have a problem with either a damaged item or something missing on delivery, but it is rare and when it does happen, it is dealt with as fast as is humanly possible. This has helped us grow as a company with many repeat sales and recommendations from satisfied clients. Let’s be honest………….any company that tells you that they never have a problem is……………..let’s say flannelling the truth!! It is how quickly and painlessly problems are resolved that denotes a conscientious successful company, not one that sticks its head in the sand and hopes the problem goes away!!

The biggest benefit to our clients is that Kitchen Finesse is our company, we are the owners and every client is treated as we would like to be treated when shopping for a substantial investment in our own properties. We will always discuss client’s requirements and advise accordingly. This does not mean that we are just going to design a kitchen that you the client have asked for or from a design that you have had done somewhere else! We will always look to see what works best in the given space, always keeping the client’s original kitchen brief as the basis for the design.

Mostly we get it right or at least very close and there is generally very little tweaking or amendments to be made before a fully itemised quotation is presented.

The one thing that our clients often comment on, is our straight talking approach to dealing with them…….in short, straight talking facts, we do not have sales, we do not over inflate prices to offer you a false discount………….they are insulting!! and we will always keep our pricing as keen as we can.

Well, we could go on telling you how wonderful we are, but we would rather you found out that we are as good as we claim and ask that you get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Martin & Paul.


Planning and design is the key to any successful venture. At Kitchen Finesse, we offer a comprehensive free fitted kitchen design and planning service which will allow you to explore all of the possibilities for your new fitted kitchen