Mereway Kitchens

Mereway Kitchens are a market leader in the manufacturing and delivery of high quality kitchens. With their innovative design, a commitment to customer service and an enviable reputation within the industry, Mereway kitchens aim is to ultimately make the business of supplying and installing rigid built kitchens much easier.

Mereway Kitchens Company History

Mereway Kitchens began life in 1986 as a family business supplying a local market with kitchen furniture, and were the first kitchen manufacturer to introduce colour coordinated interior cabinetry. Considered novel at the time, this is now accepted by retailers and customers alike as one of the hallmarks of quality fitted furniture.

Mereway Kitchens is still run as a family business, they have retained their family values and Mereway Kitchens reputation for producing outstanding products, complemented by an unprecedented level of customer service, has seen the company emerge as one of Britain’s leading independent furniture manufacturers. In 2000, Mereway Limited began separating the company into smaller, product related businesses, giving each more autonomy and allowing a much more focused approach to their individual markets.



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Environment – Mereway kitchens are increasingly concerned with environmental issues and recognise that they have a vital role to play in helping to protect the local and global environment. Mereway Kitchens use a wide range of sustainable products throughout their manufacturing process and strive to use recyclable materials wherever possible as part of their serious commitment to supporting green issues.

Mereway Kitchens Company Values – Mereway Group of Companies are motivated by a passion to deliver. This drive and ambition is governed by their core values, values which have developed over many years and provide a strong foundation for their business, influencing everything they do.

Mereway Kitchens are proud to be considered a partner to their clients and work continually to develop an understanding of the customers’ pressures and business needs. As a manufacturer Mereway Kitchens understand the part they play and are aware of the contribution and impact they have on their retailers’ business.



Mereway Kitchens product knowledge, their home-grown information systems, their commitment to quality, their renowned level of service, their creative talents and innovation in design all contribute to their excellent reputation which you can see more of in this downloadable PDF >