Schuller Kitchens

Schüller are one of the top ten manufacturers within this business field. With more than 800 employees, Schüller Kitchens are being exported the world over.

Material and Fittings- Great care is taken at Schüller Kitchens to ensure the selection of the best and most valued materials. Schüller German kitchens guarantee a consistent quality by the constant control of materials based on strict factory norms. All fittings and fitting elements are exposed to constant inspection to ensure optimal results and the guarantee of high quality.

Drawers and Pull Outs-As you would expect from a quality German kitchen manufacturer, the drawers in Schüller kitchens and internal drawers are from Blum adopting their BLUMOTION system, pull-outs and internal pull-outs are fitted as standard with a highly developed buffering system that allows full depth opening, smooth running and self-closing for the last 3-5cm. The fronts are fitted in a way that allows for multi-dimensional adjustment allowing perfect alignment during fitting. A large range of additional equipment and accessories are available from Schüller. The installed units can be recycled without problem. The drawers have a load capacity of 30kg, pull-outs up to 60cm wide have 30kg and those over 80cm wide have 50kg. There is a reserve of more than 25% built into these figures.

Hinges – Schüller German Kitchens use all-metal, automatic hinges with height adjustment mounting plates are used for all 107degree opening doors. Optional buffers are also available for the Schüller kitchens C1 and C2 ranges and are standard issue in the Schüller kitchens Next 125 range. The all metal suspension brackets guarantee a load capacity of 130kg per wall unit and are mounted with dowels and special screws to guarantee safe support.

Glass – All of the glass shelves in the Schüller kitchens are made of ESG-glass for optimal safety. For glazed doors the G960satin finish is also made of ESG-glass but the G937 clear glass door is not tempered.


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Laminate Doors – these are made of high quality chipboard which are melamine resin-coated or decor-laminated on both sides. Schüller kitchens have strived to ensure that all of the surface structures are durable and easy to care for. The majority of laminated surfaces with reproduction wooden finishes are printed with organic colours so exposure to daylight, artificial light or light of different intensities can give the impression of slight variations in colour. Identical colour continuity is not possible. Variations in colour are unavoidable and this also applies to design elements made from other materials. In that case, colour, structure and decor print will be adapted to ensure the best possible aesthetic design and match.

Polymer doors – these are MDF boards which are seamlessly coated with high quality polymer foil. The foil quality and robustness correspond to the most advanced foil manufacturing technology. The working group of European front manufacturers have issued guideline ‘EFM’ to maintain the high quality of polymer fronts and Schüller’s quality standard is based on that guideline. Any slight variations in the colour of a print are well within the accepted tolerances under those guidelines.

Lacquered doors- Satin or high gloss finish. Surface robustness equals the official stressed norm for kitchens DIN 68930 and the lacquer system corresponds to qualification requirements DIN 68861 and 68930.
Wooden doors – Schüller Kitchens only use selected woods and veneers. The minimum thickness is always 19mm and depends on the required finish, solid wood or veneer. All fronts are protected by PUR lacquer. Wood finishes, by their nature, always exhibit small differences in texture and colour. Note that within the units fronts the wood grain structure can vary and this is normal of the product.

Schüller Kitchens Carcase- The Schüller Kitchens carcase sides, base shelves and shelves are made of high quality chipboard, 16mm thick, melamine-resin coated on both sides. Schüller kitchens carcase front edges all have softened thick edging which gives improved edge protection. The vertical front edge is chosen according to the decor of the external side, the rear edge is laminated in a neutral colour and the bottom panel colour is defined by the manufacturer. Schüller kitchens Wall units have the same finish on external sides, top and bottom shelves. All internal shelves have a 1.3mm thick edging on the front for extra protection. Visible external sides are available in laminate high gloss, veneer, matt lacquer or high gloss lacquer at a surcharge.
Schüller Kitchens Worktops – The testing of all the multi-layered worktops performed according to DIN 68930 and DIN EN 438. The underside of the worktop is coated. The front edge receives additional coating which protects and seals against humidity. All worktop raw edges plus joints have to be sealed onsite. Each worktop delivery is provided with a high moisture resistant sealant/glue DO3 according to EN204
Cleaning and caring for your cupboards, doors and drawers – To clean the “inner life” of your kitchen units, simply use a mild commercial cleaning fluid with a damp cloth and ideally, wipe the clean surfaces immediately afterwards with a dry cloth, to prevent water getting into the joints, as this can cause unsightly swellings. As our cupboards close very tightly, it is also recommended that you open them at regular intervals and ventilate the entire kitchen vigorously – to avoid unpleasant smells in the kitchen units.
The care of solid wood front panels is simple. Ideally you should use a spray-dampened soft cloth to clean them, working in the direction of the grain, to make it easier to remove possible stains from the structure. Ideally you should then rub the front panel as dry as possible, straight away, so that no moisture remains in the profiles, corners or at the edges. Heavy soiling, e.g. sprays from the cooking area, should be removed immediately when they appear, and not allowed to dry on. While cooking, it is advisable always to leave the extractor fan on, not only to ensure the kitchen is adequately ventilated, but also to prevent moisture build-up on the wooden surfaces, which can lead to unsightly swellings.
Foil wrapped and Laminate Doors – All plastic-coated front panels can be easily cleaned using mild commercial cleaning fluid, e.g. using a soft cloth and lukewarm water with a little washing-up liquid. Make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners, hard sponges or brushes. Cleaning products containing solvents and steam-cleaners are also unsuitable.

Lacquered and highly-polished front panels should never be cleaned whilst dry. The use of abrasive sponges or micro fibre cloths is not recommended, as these can leave unsightly scratches. For easy care, a clean, slightly damp piece of chamois leather is recommended. Use to clean the front panels, and then dry straight away.
Keep your work surfaces looking like new for longer -In general, work surfaces should not be used to chop things on directly, and hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on them either. It is also important to protect your work surface from excessive heat, e.g. from toasters, raclette-grills or table-barbecues, etc. and from standing water. Large water spillages should be mopped up immediately with a dry cloth and hot or very warm kitchen appliances should be placed on a board or mat, but not directly onto the work surface.
Schüller German Kitchens Warranty – Schüller Kitchens have a 5 year warranty for all furniture produced by Schüller Mobelwerk KG. This includes free of charge repair or replacement but excludes installation expenses. Wastage, damages and errors caused by external influences like excessive heat, humidity and steam etc., through improper use or unprofessional installation are not covered by this warranty.


All Schüller Kitchen ranges undergo safety tests carried out by the Equipment Safety Testing Institute in Nuremberg (LGA). As a result of these tests the GS Certificate (“Safety Tested”) has been awarded to Schüller Kitchens, confirming that all quality requirements with regard to the ease of operation, stability, material consistence and safety are fulfilled. In July 2003 Schüller kitchens were awarded the QM certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 which was reconfirmed by the Equipment Safety Testing Institute in Nuremberg in September 2006. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 monitors the customers view and the quality process in relation to customer satisfaction and demands on product and design.