Silestone Kitchen Worktops

If you’re looking for a new, top quality kitchen surface, Silestone Quartz represents your best option.

Quartz surfaces have been designed by Silestone for specific use in top quality kitchens. These worktops are the most innovative that are currently out there on the market. They have been developed with bacteriostatic technology which gives them a whole new range of benefits that other worktops cannot present. This new technology allows the material to be hard wearing, less likely to scratch, stain or erode and it increases its life span.

When new worktops are introduced with higher features, it often means that the customer has less choice when it comes to style but with the Silestone kitchen worktops there is still a vast range of colours and textures in which to choose from so you lose out on nothing.

When it comes to price, here at Kitchen Finesse we make the products as affordable as possible whilst our focus is always to never compromises on quality. Silestone kitchen worktops combine the best in luxury, durability, style and affordability so when you’re creating a top class kitchen, they can’t fail to fit in perfectly. On top of that, we provide you with an outstanding customer experience coupled with vast industry knowledge and total professional advice.

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