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  • 13/04/2019

    Spotlight on Schuller

    When you hear the name Schuller, what do you think of? Kitchens, right? Well you wouldn’t be alone, as Schuller are one of the most recognizable German kitchen brands. Despite being one of the largest... Read Full Article


    Design Meets Function

    When choosing a new kitchen, what do you look for? Durability? Effective Design? Sleekness? Practicality? Storage? Uniqueness? Whatever it is you are looking for, then the Next125 collection from Schuller will fit the bill. When... Read Full Article


    New Year – New Kitchen

    New Years Resolutions are often made with good intentions – “lose weight”, “exercise more”, “learn a new language” – resolutions made to improve your life but are rarely seen through past February! So why not... Read Full Article