Find Your Dream Kitchen With Mereway

Your kitchen is always a very special place in your home and it’s only natural you’ll want to make it as beautiful as possible. A kitchen has to be functional, as well as glamorous, so that you can enjoy cooking in a space you love. Kitchens play a crucial role in defining the interior design of your home so make sure that it brings style, comfort and warmth to your space.

Mereway Kitchens have been providing high quality kitchens for the last 30 years and are one of the best options available in the market if you are planning to go for a new kitchen. Mereway Kitchens offer a variety of different kitchen designs such as English Revival, Cucina Colore, and Town & Country collection on the basis of their style and finishes. On that note, let’s take a closer look at the Mereway Kitchens range:

English Revival

The English Revival collection from Mereway Kitchens features fabulous kitchens which provide extensive storage to organise kitchen items efficiently. The pull-out storage solutions offered by English Revival Kitchens help in saving space, especially in rooms with little immediate space. Another interesting feature of English Revival Kitchens is that they come with Carousel Corner and Cantilever Carousel, which are designed to make the most of the storage system.

The style of English Revival Kitchens can be further divided into shaker style and modern classic to suit individual requirements. Kitchens in this range are also available in a broad array of colours, such as ivory, chalk white, prosecco, pantry cream, caffe latte, pumice, pebble, cobalt blue, pale grey, truffle, plum and dark fern; so you can be sure there’s a colour to suit all tastes.

Cucina Colore

Cucina Colore is again an important category under Mereway Kitchens which come with features such as under cabinet lighting, plinth lighting, drawer lighting (apart from larder and base unit solutions), door finishes, and swing up solutions. As such, if you’re looking for a new kitchen that comes with ample space saving solutions, then why not go for a Cucina Colore Kitchen.

The Town & Country Collection

As is the case with the English Revival and Cucina Colore, the Town & Country collection of Mereway Kitchens also has a range of beautiful kitchens with alluring designs, style and colours. Again, the Town & Country collection features everything from storage corner solutions to swing up solutions to lighting solutions. When it comes to door styles and finishes you can choose from colours such as ivory, white, sanded oak, light grey, pale pacific, mussel, pumice, cashmere and cream. All these colours have been trending for the last couple of years and they will continue to dominate the kitchen trends for years to come, and with so much choice it’s not difficult to see why!

All the Mereway Kitchen styles are quite popular among people, and hence they can serve your purpose in the best way possible. Whether you go for a kitchen under Town & Country collection, Cucina Colore or English Revival all of them are unique and stylish, and hence it will make a world of difference in your space.