Showcasing some of Bosch’s best technologies

Did you see the latest Bosch TV advert this July? We are excited to confirm that it will be hitting your screens again this September. We are promoting a range of built-in appliances including Induction Hobs and Ovens, the advert showcases some of Bosch’s best technologies:


Christmas turkey or Roast lamb – with the PerfectRoast meat probe they will be cooked to perfection. Its high-sensitivity measuring points determine the core temperature inside the roast to the exact degree and second. That ensures perfect results every time, whether you’re using the oven, microwave or a steam oven-mode.


Your pasta will never boil over again. Our hobs are designed with a sensor which can be attached to your pan, so you’ll be able to control your cooking by temperature rather than the power level. So whether you’re defrosting, warming up, cooking or deep fat frying, you’re in control with our smart CookingSensor.
Because precise temperature control guarantees perfect cooking results.


Intuitive sensor technology in our cooking appliances takes care of everything in the kitchen, whether you’re frying, boiling or baking.
These advanced cooking features from Bosch give you total control over your dishes and help you achieve perfect cooking results every time.

Bosch Kitchen and Cooking: The Easy Way to Perfect Results